Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's wrong with your "grammar" ?

Saw this posted from a friend on Facebook a few days ago.
It made me laugh enough that I figured it would be worth sharing.  Sorry if it's hard to read, I couldn't get it to copy very well.
And the part that made me laugh the most was this comment (below) which I copied from one of those who had posted on the original link.  It is, of course, sarcastic ... but it was creative and amusing and contained examples of several of my biggest grammar pet peeves (#6 and #10 from above especially).

I couldn't care less about grammar, I think your going to loose a lot of friends if you if you point out there mistakes two often. Irregardless face book should just be for its fun.

I hope you enjoyed it ... and say "Hi" to your "grammar" for me!
(If you say it with the right accent it does sound like "grandma" which is funny too!)


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