Friday, December 16, 2011

Do you SING in the car ?

On the drive home from work this evening I became aware of several people (at different times) singing ... or maybe jamming or rocking out is a better description ... in their cars.  I feel safe in assuming that they had their radio on or a favorite CD playing or their iPod blasting tunes (how odd would it be if they were just screaming or singing their heart out a capella ?!)

I was mesmerized by one lady behind me because she was completely oblivious (or simply did not care at all) about anyone around her seeing her go absolutely crazy singing along with the music playing in her mid-sized car.  She was excited and appeared to be very happy.  I watched her for several minutes (it was a long, slow-to-change stoplight) and she was just thoroughly enjoying herself and the music she was hearing.


Music is awesome!  It can change or enhance our moods.  It can speak to us in ways normal speech cannot.  It can give us a way to communicate our feelings when our own words fail us.  It can express every emotion we are feeling, sometimes in the same song.  It is poetry.  It is rhythm and rhyme.  There is a real power in music and I got such a kick out of seeing this woman (and a few others on my short drive) enjoy their music so much.

I hope we can all be so "in the moment" that we will not be embarrased or ashamed of what the music of the moment is giving to us.  Be proud.  Sing along.  As my kids sing in their elementary school choir ... "Music Matters!"


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