Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Novel Concept ?

Haters unite!  You win!  I lose!  You defeated me!  I have failed!  You are smart.  I am dumb.  You're the king of everything.  I am the steward of nothing.  Blah, blah.


Herewith are 6 of my final 18 blogs of the year, all rolled into one!  I will be posting THREE blogs, each covering one-third of the total posts I need to reach my 365 Posts in 2011 goal.  You say I'm "cheating" or "changing the rules" ... to which I reply ... so what?!  It's not your blog now is it?!  (See, those are two more questions since this is a question-based blog!)  :)

Blog # 348 - A Christmas Mystery ?
Every year for at least the last 5 years, my not-so-little family has enjoyed the same Christmas Story tradition.  My wife bought this book several years ago.  It is an advent calendar book, so there is a chapter of the story to be read every day until Christmas Eve.  The premise of the story is that a pilgrimage of people travel back in time to the birth of the Christ Child.  I do different voices for the different characters and we have added in all sorts of other fun traditions as we read it almost every day.  The kids' favorite part is to shout "To Bethlehem!  To Bethlehem!" along with Joshua the first shepherd (which happens at least once in every chapter).

Blog # 349 - 8 Days a Week ?
We've recently because just the best of buddies with our friends the Amsdens.  I've blogged about them before (she used to be our church choir director and he is a high-falutin' military man!) but we just love their family and it is so much fun to hang out with them.  In one recent stretch, we actually got together with Amy and Kevin 8 evenings in a row!  Most of these were after we had both put our respective kids in bed, but at least one of them included a "family" get together.  I am now convinced that our strengthening friendship with them is at least one of the primary reasons we were inspired to move into our current house (almost two years ago now).  You see, the Amsdens live just a few hundred yards down the street from us and we'd likely never have been blessed by their friendship if we hadn't moved to where we did.

Blog # 350 - It's a Calendar!  Who Cares ?
Well, I do!  Since I became a Supervisor at Progressive a little over 5 years ago, I have created a monthly calendar for my team.  They have changed greatly over the years, but each month I am quite proud of the finished result.  I have found complementary colors to use for each months theme and have slowly begun to add a more diverse listing of holidays and other cultural events on them.  It is also fun to look back on them as a sort of "Journal" because I always list my vacations and training classes (so my team knows where I am).

Blog # 351 - Isn't That Our Waitress ?
While sitting at our table at Applebee's a few weeks ago (we had taken Josh Jr out for a special dinner to celebrate his birthday - which was way back in October) a strange thing happened.  I looked to the left toward the bar area and saw an odd sight: our waitress appeared to be sitting at a table with some other people and just laughing and having a good time.  I was about to be offended when I realized ... the tables in the bar area were elevated and she was actually standing right next to the table and getting orders from those customers.  I wonder if that has happened to anyone else?

Blog # 352 - Am I addicted to WWF ?
My cousin Matt might think I mean the World Wrestling Federation, but I am actually talking about that Zynga Game which is very popular right now on Facebook and iEverything ... Words With Friends.  A friend of mine (he dated my sister for a while a long time ago) invited me to play and I hated the game on Facebook ... but on the iPad ... it's a whole different story!  I love this game!  The board is colorful and it is clearly built for iUsers because everything is touch screen and drag-and-drop.  I even signed up on WWFStats so Mike and I can track our scores against each other (we are pretty evenly matched).  On the iPad this is the first place I go ... I may need help!  :)

Blog # 353 - Ever had Del Taco ?
One day, several months ago, a friend of mine at work offered to pick up some tacos from Del Taco ... I just had to pay for them myself.  He said they only cost 39 cents and I immediately wondered about the quality of what I was about to purchase and eat.  I had him get me 5 tacos (I wasn't that hungry but at 39 cents it seems odd to just get one or two).  They were actually VERY GOOD (in relation to the cost of course)!  As with anything "too good to be true" that 39 cent deal didn't last long.  But the tacos are now only 59 cents, so for around 3 bucks I can eat 5 of them (which is plenty to fill me).  They also have a deal on Tuesdays where you can get three tacos for a dollar.  So we did that one night as a family for dinner and only spent about 8 bucks!  I am definitely a fan of this place now!

Stay tuned for the next round of 6 more blogs all rolled into one ...


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