Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did that just say Amsden ?!

We've got some pretty cool friends with the last name Amsden.  Until we met them (just a little over a year or so ago), I had actually never heard of that last name.  Not a big surprise I suppose, since there are LOTS of last names I've never heard of, but what WAS a big surprise was when I saw their name on a roadway sign in the middle of Wyoming last month!

If you've read any of my blogs about Thermopolis, WY then you need no introduction to the reason why we were in the middle of Wyoming last month.  If not, read the following blog or this blog and then come back to this one.

While driving to our destination I was reading different road signs that pointed out the rock formations and different eras each was formed during, etc.  And that was when I saw the following sign:

This is actually the sign on the way back home from
our vacation spot.  But they're identical!  I promise!
And this is the actual AMSDEN Formation
(across the street from the sign of course!)

Now, I love my own last name because there are so many things you can do with it.  Case works great for literally hundreds of rhymes or other "fun" and creative word associations.  But we don't have any rock formations named after us!  That is wicked cool !!  :)

My lingering question though is this: how do I creatively poke fun at our friends, the Amsdens, about their being as old as rocks?!  :)



  1. That is freaking awesome! I am totally sharing this one. :) Can't wait to play tonight!

  2. OK, now that I can read the blog, allow me to add to this.

    I believe I have a picture of me next to this sign, when I was 16. We were moving from WA to NY and ended up driving through WY. So, I'll beat you to the poking fun ... As I recall, my mom's comment was something to the effect of "Look, there are the Amsden Family rocks on the side of the road ... which is better than the Amsden Family 'jewels' being out there!"

    Have fun with that one buddy ;)