Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you "Slug Bug" or "Punch Buggy" ?

I remember playing "slug bugs" in the car when I was a kid. It was more with other boys my age, like for scouts or on trips to sporting events. But I distinctly remember my fondness for being the first one to spot the "bug" and claim it by shouting the color ... And then you got to "slug" someone, of your choosing, as hard as you wanted to!

Many months ago, while driving a group of scouts to an activity, one of the boys mentioned that his family called that same game "punch buggy." I had never heard it called that before but it makes just as much sense as "slug bugs" now that you think of it.

For anyone who has never played this game, here's a brief explanation of this ridiculously simple pastime:
- each "player" looks for any version of a Volkswagon Beetle.
- the first person to call out the "bug" to the other players (which requires that the "player" shout the color of the "bug") then gets to punch or slug or whatever another passenger in the vehicle.

It seemed as though this game might die off when VW stopped making the Beetle but a recent resurgence of that vehicle has once again filled the roadways with "punch buggies" that await your call! (okay ... maybe "filled the roadways" is an exaggeration but there are certainly a lot more around than just a few years ago).

Anyway, my wife and oldest son now play this game all the time and have both caught me off guard with a good-natured slug to the arm or thigh after shouting out "Blue slug bug!" or whatever color they might have seen. It was a very fun game to play on our trip to Thermopolis WY because that town had at least a half-dozen beetles in and around town.

So if you ever find yourself in the car with a Case Family member, be warned that you might get accosted if we drive past any Beetles. :)


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