Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is your forehead magnetic ?!

I should do a better job at listening to my kids when they tell me things, because the alternative is that I would miss out on some really cool stuff!

This picture and related story are an example of some of that "really cool stuff."

Doesn't this look "cool" ... wait for it!  :)
My oldest son, Josh Jr, came home from school and asked if I wanted to see something "cool."  At that exact moment I was not really in the mood to see anything, cool or not.  I was a little grumpy because the house was a mess (due to my youngest daughter's desires to wreak havoc in every room she visits).  But I took a proverbial "step back" and said "Sure.  Show me something cool."

And then he did!

The picture above (and the one to the left) is what resulted from this experience.  You see, my son's science teacher had explained to him (and his class) that our brains emit a small amount of electro-magnetic pull (or something like that ... remember that I said I need to do a better job listening?!
This is what I'm talking about!)
Anyway, as a result of this, everyone has a spot (or two) on their forehead, where a coin (I recommend a quarter) will actually "connect" with these magnetic waves and will stay put ... for a LONG time!

You will just have to try this yourself to believe me.  Don't press the quarter to your head (like that "stick the card to your forehead using oily, sweaty residue" crap).  Just maneuver it around your forehead (start near the temples on the outside portion of your eyes) until you find the spot.

If you do this with someone else, there is a second cool trick you can do.  Once the spot has been found, have the other person slowly remove and then replace the coin in that same spot.  They will be able to feel the magnetic draw to your head!  You can then do this to their head so you can feel it too.

This will cause some of you to call me an outright dork ... but I don't care!  This was the coolest science thing I have ever seen!  And I proudly wore my quarter around (here and there) for days afterward.  Including one cool experience driving from our house all the way to Sam's club with some friends (several miles and the quarter never fell off).


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