Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How did this one stay alive so long?

I try to "surprise" my wife Karen with roses every once in a while.  Supposedly that is important in a marriage or something
(Just kidding Karen!  I know why it is important!)

I've had some good fortune with most of the bouquets I have bought over the years, with the roses lasting for weeks before they finally die off.  I have learned that roses in our house in the summertime are a waste of time and money.  They just wilt in the heat and that has the opposite affect of what I am going for when I bring pretty roses home for my Pretty Lady.

This most recent bunch of roses lasted several weeks, but there is one that is still hanging on amidst the rest that gave up the ghost many days ago.  I'd have thrown them out last week, but this one rose is clinging to life ... So they remain on the ledge between our family room & kitchen.  I have to wonder
how long will this last rose hang in there ?!


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