Monday, November 14, 2011

Anyone know how to ... ?

I must say it was a big disappointment this afternoon when I realized I do not know how (if it is even possible in the first place) to link pictures into posts on this blog from our iPad.

I've gotten very behind in my blog these past two weeks and I figured that my three days of travel to Arizona for work would give me ample time to get "caught up" on blogging. So I took several pictures and uploaded them in two "dummy" blog posts in the hopes that I would be able to simply import them from those drafted posts into one of many posts I planned to write during any "down time" I might have (like this afternoon).

But either I am too dumb to figure out how to do that (a very likely scenario) ... or ... it is just not possible yet from an iPad or iPhone type of device.

So if any of you readers out there have an iPad and/or may just know how to add pictures to a blog on an iPad ... please comment below ASAP so I can avoid posting a slew of picture-less blogs over these next few days.
I would just commit to coming back and adding pictures later but we all know that ain't happenin'! :)


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