Monday, October 17, 2011

Why WY, Part Two ?

Here are the pictures (not all, mind you, these are those worthy of showing others) of our recent family vacation to Thermopolis, WY.  In my prior blog I posted about why we drive 8 hours (each way) to the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming to these hot springs.  These pictures will support that blog and story.

The Case 6-pack in front of the Thermopolis Hot Springs
(L-R) Myra, Josh Jr, Savannah, Brooklyn, Cat, and Ben

Catalina enjoying Grandma Penny's curly fries @
the A&W Restaurant in Thermopolis, WY

I love this picture!  Mostly because it
reminds me of what Myra was doing all
along this walkway!  She was "chasing"
her siblings and refused to let me carry her!

This is a "swinging" bridge that goes over
the river that runs through Thermopolis, WY.
We'd never walked over it before ... but it
REALLY does swing!  (Grandma hated that!)

Every time we leave Thermopolis we take a scenic
drive through a nearby Bison Ranch.  It is always
a treat to see these amazing (and HUGE) animals.

This is just a picture of the Hot Springs
near the swinging bridge and terraces.
The water comes out around 135 degrees!

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  1. Thanks for posting these photos! I've never seen Thermopolis before, so this was really cool! That swinging bridge reminds me of the bridge over The Royal Gorge!