Saturday, November 19, 2011

So who's Winning here ?

I think the answer is: everyone!

I've always enjoyed being "one of those dads" who physically interacts with his kids.  I love holding my daughters' hands as we walk places.  I still hug my boys goodnight.  But the best are our "wrestling" matches!  :)

As often as I have the chance to sleep in, my children will get the chance to play one of their favorite games:
Push Daddy out of Bed!

The rules are simple:
 - Get daddy out of bed.  By any means necessary!

They always eventually "win" but I teach them about teamwork by making it difficult to get me out of bed unless they are all working together.  My "favorite" has always been whichever child is the youngest one trying to help.  They try so hard even though they really don't "help" at all.  I've "given up" before a few times just because of how much that child (and it has rotated through almost all of the kids) is straining to get me out of bed.

We also wrestle in the living room or family room, often in a very impromptu situation (such as after bedtime prayers or just before dinner).  I always picture myself as the "daddy lion" wrestling with his lion cubs.  All "daddy lion" wants to do is sleep, but those pesky cubs just wanna play!  :)

These are some of the "moments" I am trying to enjoy to their fullest potential before my kids become to grown up to enjoy this healthy activity!


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