Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What was this BEFORE you took it apart ?!

Below are the pictures of some "remnants" of my destruction this morning:

(Okay, you got me!  The plate that's holding the
screws and bolts wasn't originally part of this item)

And here are a few hints, if you haven't already figured out what the item was before I deconstructed it today:
- it is was a piece of furniture
- I have wanted to throw it away for a while
- it had duct tape on it to prolong its life
- it used to have a t-shirt on it (to cover the duct tape)

(More remnant pictures ... but these are a sure give-away)

So by now you can see that this is a recliner which we have had for several years.  We got it from my parents when they moved to their new house.  It was in mediocre condition then, but since my kids are still young I haven't really been in the market, as it were, for anything new or in very good condition.

If you've been to our house you already know that this recliner has lived in our family room (the one with the fireplace and my puzzle desk).  It was still very comfortable but a few months ago the back broke so it was pushed up against the wall and was not safe to recline in.  Today I finally had the time to take it apart, piece by piece, so now we can just throw it away with our normal trash.

I took it apart partially for that reason, but moreso because I am always curious as to how complex the systems are in things we use every day.  When my car dies, I plan to take it apart a little each day, so I can see all of the inner workings and hopefully learn a lot about how cars actually work in the process.
I'll do a separate blog that year and showcase a piece or two each day and explain what it is, what it does, and rate how difficult it was to take out.

Until then, this was a very fun, although challenging, experience.  I am pleased that the chair is gone and feel much more adept at fixing our other recliners, if ever anything should go wrong with them or their mechanical parts.

In the battle of TOOLS vs CHAIR ...
TOOLS definitely WON !!!


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