Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's a Whataburger ?

It's always fun to try restaurants you've never eaten at before. I prefer to do so when I have gotten at least one or two recommendations, but it is best when you can eat their WITH the person who recommends it.

Today for lunch, before leaving sunny Arizona for chilly Colorado, my travel buddy Mark suggested that we stop at Whataburger for lunch. Generally I will eat anything from a burger joint, but this seemed like it could be a better than okay experience.

And it actually was ... very good !!!

I cheated and just ordered the same thing that Mark had (a Number 2 - double burger, with cheese added and just regular fries). I didn't see shakes otherwise I'd have tried one. The fries were crispy, even after a tumultuous drive back to the hotel. The burger was juicy and very filling (what did I expect from a DOUBLE ?!) and the service was reasonably fast.

I wasn't amazed or anything, but it was delicious enough that I'd eat it again for lunch ... especially if I was in the mood for a reasonably priced tasty burger.


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