Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Beginning ?

At work, earlier this month I began reporting to a different Manager, who works in a different site, and joined a different part of our organization (although my function and role will remained basically unchanged).
Normally these kinds of changes put me in a reflective mood.  But this one is just getting me excited for the winds of change.

Here are a few of the POSITIVE things I am very excited about in my immediate future as related to this change:
 - Learning pros and cons of being managed remotely.  I have WFH (work from home) reps that have reported to me for years and this will help me understand better what they may be feeling or experiencing.  Good or bad.  Then I can adjust to correct anything that isn't already good.
 - Gaining greater clarity on the Progressive world outside of just Colorado Springs.  It is easy to do things the CO way and assume that is the Progressive way.  Perceptions will be broken down.  Greater consistency will be achieved.  And for one of my reps (John F) I will be in a better position to support him as he just came from PHX.
 - Broadening my "contact" list.  I love to get new ideas from different people.  Being able to reach out to a whole different site and workgroup will allow me to continue to grow into the person I want to be.
 - My new Manager sounds like he is very committed to helping us develop skills that make us more qualified for that next job level.  I haven't ever really had that in my current role so the chance to be "coached" on my areas of weakness (always referred to as "opportunities" in the Progressive world) is a VERY exciting prospect.
 - A fresh start.  I'm anxious to move from the performing level to the mastering level and I think movement (especially around the end/start of the year) allows for this to happen more easily (team members don't push back when it's a "new year's resolution" of sorts).

So bring on the new reporting relationship.  Bring on some diversity of thought.  Bring on peers that I've never really worked with before, whose strengths I can hopefully learn from.  Bring on the next diem to carpe!  :)


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