Sunday, November 27, 2011

How was your Thanksgiving ?

Despite multiple "issues" that seem to happen every year (see: turkey still somewhat frozen), our Thanksgiving was a complete success.  Among extended family fun was had by all, and the food was delicious!  Herewith are some pictures with a little story behind each one.  I hope you enjoy (and if you attended this wonderful event, THANKS for being part of such a great day!)

Turkeys cook perfectly @ 325 degrees ... And here's the second one all cooked! 

So I had a little problem with the oil,
but nothing like you hear about related to oil fires!
I had too much oil for the birds we were cooking (both 18-20 pounders)
so I decided to take some oil out.  I emptied it into a large glass bowl ...
which turned out to be a BIG mistake.  While moving the chair, with the
bowl sitting in it, filled with 350 degree oil, the bowl shattered !!!
Fortunately, no one was injured and the bowl and oil cleaned up easily.

The BEFORE ... and ... the AFTER ... er ... "DURING"
(where the adults all sat in our living room)

The BEFORE ... and ... the AFTER ... er ... "DURING"
(where most of the kids sat in our dining room) 

Here's the first turkey all cooked ... and here's what my "carving" of it looked like.
The "darker" looking stuff on the white meat side is the best part!  So crunchy!

A smattering of side dishes ... and ... non-alcoholic "fancy" drinks.
(I did not get pictures of the delicious desserts ... sorry!) 

Aunt Mandy and baby Peter ... sooooo cute!
Gotta love those Thanksgiving afternoon naps!  :)

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