Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're to THAT stage already huh ?!

Kids are naturally curious.  They climb.  They open things.  They taste.  They hide.  They tear things up.  They pull things out.  They draw.  They leave a trail of their inquisition throughout any locale they visit.

It is never the exact same age when kids decide to be "little destructive terrors" ... but it is always equal parts frustrating and fun.

Here are a few pictures of Myra, who is almost 18 months old now, and her "curiousness" in all it's glory!

She's so proud to have climbed up
high enough to mess with her nlinds!

Her lack of concern for her "baby" is alarming!  :)

The answer to that age old question:
"How long does it take to empty a Kleenex box?"
Apparently ... about 11 minutes.  :)

Truth be told, I helped a little with this one.
She had climbed in the Lazy Susan* on her own.
*(in this house it's called a Dizzy Lizzie)
I made her move to the back for the picture!  :)


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