Monday, November 28, 2011

Is that all you're doing ?

Short post this evening, but at least one really cute picture to go with it.

The blog post title is what my daughter asked me when she came home from school and saw me setting up lights outside the house.  It was a nice enough day, albeit a little lot windy, so I began putting up some of the exterior Christmas lights I have available.  And I guess she was a little disappointed when I decided to stop for the day.

In defense of her question, I do plan to do more ... but that will be time and weather permitting.  I never have control of one of those variables and lately feel much less control of the other.

So here are the pics of the exterior of The Case Place so far ... maybe there will be more pics later in the month with more decorations ...
but don't count on it!  :)

From the middle of our street

A "close up" of the nativity

And here's that "CUTE" picture I promised
at the very beginning of the post!  :)
I found it especially amusing that she is
drinking MILK while sitting ON THE COW !!!


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