Monday, November 21, 2011

Hand me downs from a "little" brother ?!

Late last week I received a welcome gift from my younger brother and his wife.  They brought me a large sack (think Santa's bag!) of some clothes that he had ... um ... outgrown ... :)

I was ecstatic for the new partial wardrobe, especially considering it included 3 new belts, a nice pair of jogging pants, several nice dress shirts (long sleeved ones too!), and two VERY unique shirts that I will be sporting very soon for "special" occasions.

Since I know you're dying to see them, here are those two "special" shirts (the first of which my oldest son said was "totally cool" and then he tried to see if it would fit him!) ...

So here's a shout out of "thanks!" to my little brother and his wife (who we will be hanging out with this Wednesday evening) for the cool clothes!  Kinda makes me happy to have a "little" brother who is bigger than me!  :)


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