Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ever do a WASGIJ Puzzle ?

The more clever readers of this blog have already realized that WASGIJ is simply Jigsaw backwards.  Those who did not know this should not discontinue reading nor feel bad.  But those savvy readers who figured that out without the images below can rightly pat themselves on the back.

I've blogged before about how I enjoy doing puzzles.  Many in my extended family know this and I have recently received some very cool puzzles, one of which is featured on the left and below and is the topic of this short blog post.

This is the front of the puzzle box.

This is the "finished" puzzle

The most fun thing about completing this puzzle was that the picture on the box only offered a limited amount of help.  I'll not waste time explaining where the artist got a few things wrong, but would rather like to focus on what they got right: it was a fun kind of challenge and definitely a unique twist on the standard jigsaw puzzle.  Even with most of the puzzle completed I still had to wait to see all of the unique things in the ocean that are headed for the shore in the massive tidal wave.  My kids enjoyed pointing out some funny things too.

Thanks Brian and Tisne for the fun puzzle!  :)


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