Monday, November 14, 2011

Does she really know ?

I really don't think she does.

She should.

An outsider would look in on the situation and identify several signs that she should pick up on.

But I think even with a guide she would still never know ...

 - How very much she is the rock in my world.
 - How much life would virtually be meaningless without her.
 - How my day could be terrible up until the moment when I see her.
 - How her laugh still makes me laugh, even if it's because of something that isn't funny at all.
 - How much it means to me when she is just "there" for me.
 - How her beauty still catches me off guard!
 - How the touch of her hand still makes me feel like I'm a goofy teenager.
 - How much I love kissing her (and how much fun it is that she enjoys kissing me and that we both love it when our kids think it's gross!)

Karen, you are indescribable!  You find a way to help me recognize emotions I didn't even know could exist.  You comfort me when things are stressful.  You make our house a home.  You teach our children, by example and, when needed, with strong words.  You keep us on the straight and narrow path by reminding us of our family prayers and scripture study (even when you really don't want to do it!)  You are compassionate and passionate.  You are fun-loving and it is fun loving you.  You allow my imperfections to be "works in progress" even when I sometimes fail to offer you the same courtesy.

I love you Pretty Lady!  I think I always have.  I know I always will!


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