Monday, August 1, 2011

So ... ya wanna go for a run ?

That's what I texted to my little sister Jaimee this morning after I had made up my mind to get out and run.  Thankfully she said "Yes" otherwise I might have convinced myself not to go!  :)

My sister Jaimee and I
(just about a year or so ago)

I had mostly decided last night that I was going to try and run a little every day this week and next.  You see, I've committed to running three 5K races this year and the first one (The Panerathon) is two Saturdays from now on August 13th.

I literally had to "dust off" my running shoes this morning.  I bought them only a few months ago, but they have sat dormant in my closet since that day.  Truthfully I haven't run since the last 5K race I ran ... which was last year in October!

My sister is running the Panerathon with me (or maybe it's more me running with her) but she will also probably run the other two races with me too.  We're planning for the Peace Officer's Memorial Run in October and likely the Reverse Turkey Trot (or whatever it's actually called) in November.

It was a good run.  Jaimee kept great pace with me and honestly I needed a break every time she asked us to stop ... but I wouldn't be a very good training partenr if I didn't at least pretend otherwise!  :)  I was totally proud of my sister, who has diabetes and never did any real running in high school.  She did awesome!  Hopefully we will get out and run at least a few more times together before this race.  I would LOVE to help her run her best time ever when we officially get going on that race.

But seriously ...
Go Team "Running On Empty!"  :)


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  1. You and Jaimee rock!! I'm so proud of you guys for staying in shape and running! I feel like such a slacker!