Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are YOU "Smarter than a Woody" ?

People always claim that Mondays are terrible, but I love 'em!
The fact that I work Tuesday through Saturday and have Sunday / Monday off does have a lot to do with that!  :)

On Monday, August 1st (what a great start to the month) I was the 9th caller to Peak (92.9) FM's morning radio show right around 7:00am.  Click the link below to hear the full recording of my VICTORY in their trivia contest.
Over $200 in prizes* later and I am one happy camper!  :)

If you've never heard the show or that game before, here is a brief recap:
Each day on the show, the one host (Goose) creates and asks 5 Trivia Questions of the other host (Woody) about a variety of pop culture things.  Most mornings, Woody slaughters the competition (which is always just ONE lucky caller) by answering 4 or 5 of the questions correctly.  I have heard him get as low as 3 right before, but I've honestly never heard him do worse than that (though I am certain he has).  In fact, his record is (was at the time) 158 victories to only 22 losses.
And on Monday, I added ONE MORE loss to his record!

Am I proud that I won with a score of 3 to 2?  No, not really.  I had no business winning because Woody missed two very easy questions.  But even if he "let me win" so they could start a new set of prizes, I don't care !!!  I still won and I'm ecstatic because now I can do all kinds of things for Karen's birthday next Tuesday!  Yay!

*My prizes included the following items:
 - ONE free large one-topping pizza from Papa Johns
 - TWO free passes to any movie at Hollywood Theaters
 - TWO free one-night rentals from Redbox
 - FOUR VIP passes for a ride on the Royal Gorge Scenic Railway
 - FOUR tickets to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
 - TWO full-day passes to Waterworld
 - TWO free half-gallons of Blue Bell ice cream
 - ONE dinner-for-two ($20) at Feelin' a Little Philly
 - TWO $10 gift certificates for Applebee's restaurant


  1. Awesome!! Congrats bro!! You totally smoked Woody!! That was so cool that you got that recorded and posted on Youtube! I'm very proud of you...although, I have to say that I got 4 out of 5 right (I missed the Howie Mandel question - I thought it was Gizmo!) But good job just the same!

  2. SCORE!

    Funny that we would both win stuff from the radio this week. I didn't win as much as you did though!