Saturday, August 6, 2011

It is still Saturday right ?!

My current work schedule includes Saturdays.  I actually like that for several reasons.  First, I get paid a little more for working on a "non-traditional" workday.  Second, I still have two days off in a row (Sunday / Monday).  And third, Saturdays are always like "casual Fridays" where things are more relaxed and less "official."  Comfortable is nice!

Today at work, I got confused about what day it was though.
Like, really confused!

I was on my way to the printer and, while looking around, realized that LOTS of people were here today!  WAY MORE people than we have on typical Saturdays.  In fact, in my team alone there were 5 people here that don't normally work Saturdays!  And that's out of only 8 total that work in the office (11 of my team work from their homes)!  EVERYBODY was here!

I usually "dress down" on Saturdays and don't worry about shaving, etc. but now I am wishing I hadn't!  :)


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  1. I know what you mean...there were definitely more people here on Saturday - probably because of the mandatory OT.