Sunday, July 31, 2011

How can a "BURN" be hilarious ?!

Karen and I have continued to enjoy our Instant Netflix on the Wii.  I've blogged several times before about different shows we have watched (in their entirety) through this "on demand" sort of system.  It has been well worth our small investment (and we'll almost certainly switch to fully "instant" versus getting discs in the mail if Netflix does up their price to do both!)

Our most recent show / tv series that we've been whiling away the hours watching has been "That 70's Show"
Having both been born in the 70's, we are too young to really catch all the references, but it is still very amusing to see this group of friends deal with life's varied experiences.

Obviously I am not a supporter of the "aromatherapy" they partake in.  Nor am I excited by their constant alcoholism.  The "catchphrase" by Red (the cantankerous old father) is also far from a great example.
But one part of the show in particular has made me enjoy it as much as anything I've ever watched!

The "burns"

I'm talking about the "burn on tour" and the "boomerang burn" and the "baby burn."  Even the "haircut burn" was just hilarious!

(L-R) Hyde and Kelso

If you've never watched the show,
here is a brief explanation:
 - A "burn" is when one of the main characters embarasses another character.
 - Although not in every episode, these occur often enough that it is easily one of the best running gags of the entire series!

And here are very brief summaries of the "burns" mentioned above:
 - The "burn on tour" occurred when Kelso "burned" Hyde twice in one episode.  Once at the "house" and once at the restaurant where they both worked at the time.
 - The "boomerang burn" was also when Kelso "burned" Hyde twice ... but they were back-to-back in one long sentence/situation.
 - The "baby burn" actually happened to Kelso and was delivered by Fez through Kelso's own baby!
 - In the "haircut burn" Kelso actually clipped a chunk of hair from Eric Forman's head!

To truly appreciate the comedy of these situations you have to watch the show.  You will probably laugh if you just see these particular episodes, but they are even more funny if you know the characters really well.  And the scenes are at their best when you watch them with someone else who laughs just as hard as you do when they happen!  I love you Pretty Lady!  Your laugh always makes my world better than anything I could ever imagine!


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