Monday, August 15, 2011

Was this song written just for ME ?!

On the ride home from the Panerathon 5k, my sister played me this song, which a friend of hers had shared with her.  The song is titled "Lead Me" and is sung by a group called "Sanctus Real."

I have NEVER felt so strongly that
a song so perfectly captures MY life!

(L-R) Savannah (~6), Ben (~10), Brooklyn (~8)
Myra (14 mos.), Josh Jr. (~12), Catalina (4)

When it talks about the insecurities of a wife and children.  When it talks about the feeling of inadequacy this man is feeling.  When it talks about the "perfect life" on the outside that is masked with uncertainty on the inside.  Can I do this?!  Can I be that strong for my wife?  Can I be there for my children?  Can I avoid chasing the wrong dreams?  Do I have what it will take to fight against any evil for my eternal family?

Of myself, I know I could not.  But with HIS help, I am confident that I can!

It is amazing to me how fragile my own "strength" can be.  I am confident.  I have faith.  I work hard.  I love openly.  I dream big.  I am tough.  But I am (and always will be) in need of HIS guidance.  I need HIS strength to lean on as I am trying to do everything I am "called" to do for my family.

I hope you enjoy the song.


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  1. Awesome song... wow, I am glad you shared this. And I agree with everything you have said.