Monday, August 29, 2011

What's HER Name ?

As often as twice a week, I pick up my daughter Catalina from preschool and walk home with her.  This is a unique experience almost every single day.

Cat showing off her ladybug sticker.
 Here is one of those "unique" experiences:
A few days ago, as we were exiting her classroom she saw a friend of hers from class.

The little girl said "Hey there my friend."

And Cat, while still walking quickly away from the school, turned her head and shouted "Remember my name!  It is Cat!"

The little girl sheepishly replied
"Okay.  See you next week Cat."

And then Cat said "Okay bye."

I then asked her "What was your friend's name?"  And with an annoyed-at-me-for-asking-such-a-stupid-question-sort-of-look she said "I don't know!"

What the heck?!

I'm raising a hypocrite.


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