Monday, August 8, 2011

Would you like to stay Forever ?!

You may not realize that this blog title is a line from a very popular movie.  At least, it was popular many years ago ... even if it was mostly just with critics and kids (an odd pairing to be sure!)

That is also the line that my son Ben cracked up the most at in the movie we watched this evening at the "last movie night at the Vista Grande pool in 2011."

The movie was Mulan, which I've never been a huge fan of, but the music is quite remarkable (as with almost any Disney film)!

The line was stated by the oldest living ancestor in Mulan's family, immediately after Mulan invite's the handsome Captain Whateverhisnameis to stay for dinner.  This old lady never thought Mulan would "find a man" so she is asking the question in the hopes of just jumping to the ending as quickly as she can.

Ben found it hilarious and kept quoting it over and over and OVER again on the way to the car and on the ride home (until we made him stop so we could say prayers).  I laughed out loud when the lady said the line in the movie, but it was even more funny to hear Ben get such a kick out of it!

Brooklyn loving the water and sun !
All in all, I am very glad we went to the pool this evening and stayed for the movie.  I am sure my mind will be different tomorrow if the kids wake up grumpy from lack of sleep, but right now it all seems worth it!  :)


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