Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Dessert ?

This evening my parents took my wife and I out for dinner.  We ate at Cheddars, which is a very reasonably priced eatery that has all kinds of food.  I had Tilapia with Mango Salsa.  My wife had chicken and shrimp.  My dad had a very hearty salad and my mom always enjoys ordering the chicken pot pie.

Our food took a long time to come, but the conversation was fun and we'd had plenty of onion rings and croissants as appetizers so at least I wasn't starving.

The Manager (or Owner ... he never really introduced himself) came by and asked if we had been told why our food was taking so long.  We politely said no and he explained that somehow our ticket was lost.  I felt a little bad because the girl waiting on us was in training (I hope she didn't get into a lot of trouble).

Anyway, the whole point of this is that the Manager / Owner told us all to order a dessert on him for the inconvenience of the long wait.  I was stuffed from my food so I didn't really want anything, but my parents insisted so Karen decided on the Apple Pie a la mode (which we got "to go" since we were so full).  That is actually also what my parents got, except they ate theirs at the restaurant ... with a fair amount of help from me because it just looked sooooo good.

And it WAS good!

Now we've been home for a few hours and Karen reminded me that we still have our dessert to eat.
Mmmmm ... I love dessert, but FREE dessert is even better!

Thanks again Mom and Dad Case for the delicious dinner and extremely enjoyable conversation!

Jerry and Julie Case ... my wonderful parents!  :)

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