Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Are You Crying ?

This morning, as I was leaving for work (and to drop off the two little girls at my in-laws' house), I leaned in to give Karen a kiss goodbye.  I said "I love you" and then stood back up.  13 years of marriage later and I can recognize when my beautiful wife just doesn't look right.  There was a sadness in her eyes ... so I asked the obvious question:  What's wrong?

Simply typing the words she said would not do her response justice.  A detailed description is necessary in order to fully appreciate the explanation of the answer to this blog's title question, which will come later.

After I asked "What's wrong?" this is what happened: Karen half-smiled.  Her eyes then began to water.  She curled into more of a fetal position and brought her hands up to cover her face.  It was at that point that she uttered her response ... "I don't know."  She was virtually inconsolable.  I leaned in to give her a soft hug and another kiss.  I told her that she just needed some rest and that I would call her later.  And then I left.

Some of you may find this a little harsh that I just left her in this sorrowful state.  But I've also learned, in our 13 years of mostly blissful married life, when it is the right time to just ... walk ... away.

This evening, after hanging out with some good friends, Karen's mood was much better.  I commented on that and asked her if she really was feeling better.  She confirmed that she was ... and then explained to me why she actually was crying this morning.  And it was too amusing to NOT blog!

Karen worries about a lot of things, many of which are quite ridiculous (her words, not mine!)  This morning she was sad because ... she felt like if she were to just die at some point, I would be fine without her.  This is on the basis that, for the whole past week, I have been capable of taking care of the whole house and our family without her help.  Again, these are her words, NOT mine!

She makes me laugh because she cries over this sort of silly reasoning.  Truth be told, this week has darn near sent me into a coma!  I have newfound respect, not just for mothers, but for ANY single parent out there!  And I have / had an amazing cast of supporting family members!  Without them I would have gone completely crazy!

Regardless, I am happy to have a happy wife back!  :)


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