Friday, August 5, 2011

Can my husband guess ?

It happened again.  Except this time, it really wasn't me.  It was my wife.  She did it.  I was there.  I helped.  But really it was all her.  I did have to force her to own up to it, but it wasn't me being a jerk.  I really was trying to be supportive.  She needed to "own it" and I needed to make her do just that.  She was so embarrassed, but she bore the responsibility well ... eventually.

Of course I am talking about Karen's victory on the radio Thursday morning!

K-Lite 106.3 does a "Brain Buster" question of the day as part of their morning radio program (which used to be Captain Dan, Renee, and Paul but then Renee "retired" so it was Captain Dan and Paul, but now they're added another gal (Tammy) but now I'm way off track).

Anyway, "back in the day," Karen and I used to win ALL THE TIME by answering the question correctly as often as we were allowed to (usually 30 days between).  It is a little easier to get through to answer because it is just the first correct answer that wins.  So if the trivia question is obscure enough, or something that we just happened to guess very quickly, then once we got through it led to some easy, free prize(s).

This morning ... almost no one was calling in.  This is an assumption based on the fact that Karen got through 3 separate times.  And the 3rd time was the charm (although it took a 4th guess, from yours truly, to actually win)!

You'll have to link to Karen's blog HERE to listen to the full broadcast, wherein you will hear her give her guess and then ask the title of this blog.  She thrust the phone at me and told me what to say ... and that's when I ratted her out for not wanting to guess the correct answer because she didn't want to admit she had done this as a younger woman!

The end result:  We won 4 tickets to the Parade of Homes (which we love!) AND 4 tickets to go to the Colorado State Fair (which we also enjoy, especially if we get to hear The Martini Shot Band play again!)

I love winning!  :)


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  1. Wow! You and Karen are on a roll! Why don't we head to Vegas and hit the tables while you guys are on this hot streak?! Then we'll really be WINNING!