Monday, August 29, 2011

Fake Grass or New Sod ?

My backyard needs help.  It is help that I alone can give, but I alone am not sure I alone want to give it the TLC it needs.

Here are some pics of my backyard in its current state.  I am hopeful (but not yet very committed) that this blog will one day be referenced in a future blog that includes pics of the new-and-improved-and-amazing-backyard-of-my-dreams!  But we're a LONG way away from that.

West side of yard (facing south)

The dead tree (to be removed)

The "spice" garden
a.k.a. Ralph S Mouse's house
The (east) side yard
Future home of our garden

The east side (leading to the
future garden area)
Facing North looking at the house
So very many weeds!  :(

I have decided, after much research and truly careful thought and planning, that new sod will be a better short-term and long-term bet for my back yard than fake grass.  There is much more care required than I originally anticipated with fake grass.  I figured once it was down then you just enjoy the easy living that justifies the additional cost.  Oh how wrong that assumption was!  :)  You can read about it yourself at the following link, or you can just trust me when I say it does NOT seem worth the extra cost.

I am certain that I will not get the new sod in this fall, but perhaps I can do some of the landscaping and terracing that needs to happen in advance of next Spring.  By then I'll have to get the new sod in to save my wife's sanity over Spring Break ... the kids need somewhere outside they can go to play!

If you've had experience with fake grass and think I might be missing a golden opportunity to invest in some easy maintenance ground cover, then please post and let me know.  Otherwise, I'll be calling around for your help to spread dirt and roll sod sometime next Spring!  Because, I alone cannot do this!  :)



  1. Um, calling around for help on getting the sod rolled out next Spring? Shoot, I'm afraid I'll be busy...all Spring...doing, um, something important and top secret. Yeah, that's it!

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