Thursday, August 11, 2011

How is it always so timely ?!

I've blogged before about my love of the cartoon strip Dilbert.  Although I am not an "engineer" I do work in a call center and the cubicle-dwelling characters from that cartoon are near-perfect renditions of my peers and share real-life experiences that I frequently have.

I always laugh when I read my daily calendar, which has comics from Dilbert that ran a few years ago.  I have to mention that fact because it relates to my overall blog title.  Somehow, the comics that I read almost always tie in directly with something that is happening at work ... at just that moment in time!

Here's the one from my calendar for August 6th/7th:

Now what's interesting about this is that our company (in the past month or so) has been rolling out the details of HealthyU, which is a "Wellness Program" of sorts.  It looks like it will actually be a great program (in my opinion anyway) that provides discounts and incentives for heathier employees (or those working toward better health).  As a non-obese, non-smoking, regular-exercising employee ... my own premiums should be among the least expensive.
That feels right to me.

This comic strip made me laugh though, especially the "pointy-haired" boss' reaction to the question asked of him by Dilbert.  Whether you choose the part of the boss or Dilbert or even the consultant (Dogbert) ... it is still funny ... from any perspective!

How is it that these comics are not just somewhat relevant but downright scary in how perfectly timed they are ... especially when you consider that this strip was originally distributed in newpapers 3 years ago ?!



  1. My old boss signed me up for daily Dilberts in e-mail. He said I would need it and sure enough, the place of my employment was a lot like Dilbert.

  2. So true! Definitely funny from any perspective! "Dilbert" truly captures the whole office experience and it is so relevant!