Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why is snow OKAY to eat ?

If you believe my three year old daughter Catalina, there is a very logical explanation for that question.  But rather than just skip to the good stuff, let me set the scene for you.

I picked up the little girls (that's Savannah and Catalina if you're not familiar with the reference) from preschool today.  I do this once or twice a week as my schedule allows for it.

Most days we "run" home with me chasing the girls but today the ground was covered in snow and there were some slick spots, so we walked.  On the way home we always talk about things, whatever is on their minds.  Because of the snow that became the subject of this short dialogue between me and Catalina:


Cat:  I don't yike da snow.

Me:  Sure you do.  You like to play in it don't you?

Cat:  Naaaah.  But sometimes I yike to eat it!

Me:  Yuck!  That's not a good idea.
Snow is not a good thing to eat!

Insert LONG pause while we walk a few more steps.

Cat:  (Softly)  I didn't die.

That's right!  Her reason that snow was "okay to eat" was because ...
she didn't DIE from eating it before!

I love her so much ... but I love her logic even more!  :)


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