Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Am I Right or Am I Right or Am I Right ?!

Rise and shine campers!
And put your booties on because it's going to be cold out there today.
It's cold out there every day, what is this Miami Beach?
Not hardly.  But the big question on everybody's lips ...
Their chapped lips ...
Yes, their chapped lips is ... will Phil see his shadow today?
Punxatawney Phil!
That's right woodchuck chuckers it's ...

Ahhh ... I do love that movie!  So many classic lines (like the title of this blog). So much hilariousness (like the scene in the car depicted on the right where Phil tells the groundhog "Don't drive angry!").  Some real tender moments (like the old man dying) and some tongue-in-cheek dialogue that can only really happen in this movie (such as toward the end when Rita asks Phil "What did you do today?!" and he replies with ...
"Same old, same old."

I've stated in a previous blog that we watch this movie every year on Groundhog Day if at all possible. We've had to push it back a day or two maybe once, but it is an annual event in this Case household.  This has been one of my favorite "Karen and Josh" traditions.  And tonight, we had the whole family watch it together for the first time.  It was great to see the kids laugh at different parts.
Their favorites included:
 - When Phil calls the groundhog an "over-sized squirrel" in one of his many rants.
 - When Phil smashes the clock over and over ... and OVER again!
 - When Larry says (after the car crash in the quarry) "He might be okay" and then after the car explodes in a huge fireball he follows up with "Well no, probably not now."
 - When the piano teacher pushes the student out the door for Phil's lesson.
And last but certainly not least ...
 - When Phil punches Ned Ryerson in the face and walks away smiling.

I am glad to know that there is hope for a whole new generation of Cases to get a laugh every year out of scenes like the one just after the picture shown at left: Phil shoving a whole piece of cake in his mouth and then asking incredulously, if not also almost impossible to understand, "WHAUAUT?!"  Sorry I can't seem to find google images of the face he makes (nor can I find a YouTube video of it, which is a travesty that I will have to fix once I figure out how to load videos, etc.)  Ya just have to find the movie and watch it yourself.  EPIC !!!

Ahhh memories that get turned into traditions ... awesome!



  1. Love this movie but haven't seen it in WAY too long.... your quotes from the movie make me want to see it real bad. Sooo funny! Glad your kids enjoyed it too!!

  2. I'm glad you posted about this movie too! Loved all of your quotes and lines and the pictures!! I think this is one of those movies that everyone should see! It's great for all ages! Now let's have a sweet vermuth with a twist and drink to world peace!