Thursday, February 17, 2011

Has it really been 3,000 miles already ?!

Here's the scene:
You are driving down the road and you glance at the odometer.  Your eyes quickly shift to that little sticker in the windshield.  You do the math.  Crap!  It has been 3,000 miles!  Now you're in for it ... it's time ... there's no avoiding it ...

you need an ... Oil Change!

I don't know why I hate going to do this so much.  It's not like I have to do anything difficult.  You drive in, park your car, walk inside, answer a few questions, say "No thanks" a few times, sit and read a magazine, and then you pay for the work and leave.

I think maybe it is the fact that I always feel guilty for saying "No thanks" or "I'll have to do that next time" when the employees try to sell me on various upgrades with my basic oil change.  I don't know why I always feel like I have to have an excuse not to spend more money on something I really have no idea about.

I could just ask them to explain what it is, but then I feel like the explanation is going to rope me into getting it.  Think about it.  After a salesperson gives a three minute spiel on something, do you feel good about saying no?

"Thanks for taking the time to explain why that service is vital to the performance of my vehicle.  Now that I understand it's importance I have carefully weighed the cost associated with this and decided I would rather have the engine explode and die a fiery death on the side of the road than part with $9 of my hard-earned cash.  I am a risk-taker after all and I love to gamble with the safety of not only myself but also any potential passengers in my vehicle."

So I noticed that I needed an oil change on my way home later this afternoon ... so I did the right thing ... and went and played basketball!  :)

I'll catch it before 4,000 miles ... maybe.


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  1. Awesome post!! I know just what you mean about the whole ordeal of having to deal with the salespeople at places like Jiffy Lube. I know zilch about cars and car maintenance, so I'm an easy mark. I cracked up over your statement near the end!