Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How much does a "little thing" mean?

Today was very busy for me at work and I felt rushed to get out in time to get home in time to get to scouts.  Whew!

I was frustrated because I had planned to try to leave a little early (by 4:30pm if possible) so I could stop and get my sweetheart a dozen long stemmed red roses for Engagement Day.  In truth she deserves a lot more and if I had planned better she would have had much more.

That said, I didn't get out from work until almost 5:30pm, which made me completely rushed when I walked in the door.  In a frantic phone call to Karen while I was driving home, I basically didn't give her the time of day and just told her to have Josh Jr get his scout book ready and to inform her that I wasn't going to have time to stay very long once I was home.  I also basically committed her to calling our friend down the street to confirm if I was going to pick up their son on the way to scouts.  She just supported me all along and then texted me as soon as she confirmed that I was picking the boy up for scouts.

When I flew in the door it was a quick hug and kiss for a few kids, some pretend listening to whatever they were gabbing about and then I headed straight for the counter to grab Josh Jr's scout book (so I could plan an activity for tonight since my co-leader got stuck and work and couldn't make it this evening).  I vaguely remember being smart enough to give my wife a kiss and hug ... and then it happened.

She had made me a "breakfast sandwich" and told me I probably had time to eat it before I had to rush off.  I was so thankful that I didn't even know what to say.  I wolfed down my dinner and then sped off to scouts.

This "simple act of kindness" meant so much to me and it is the kind of thing I've come to expect and yes, take for granted, from my beautiful wife of almost 13 years!  I am so glad I coerced her into accepting my proposal 13 years ago and that her family helped make sure she went through with it and got hitched to me for eternity!  (I make it sound like she had doubts or something, but I'm sure those didn't come for her until well into our married life!)  :)

I love you Karen Joy Case!

Thanks for being everything in my life!



  1. It has been a FANTASTIC 13 years! I look forward to an eternity more :)

  2. What a beautiful post! Karen is an amazing woman! And you show me how a husband should be! Thanks for being such a great example! Happy Engagement Day!