Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is it my turn again ?!

At some point in everyone's "married with children" experience I believe some version of the following scenario plays out at least a few times a week:

Cue child crying in the background.

Wife:  It's your turn.

Husband:  Zzzzzzzz

A few moments pass and then the child cries again ... a little louder.

Wife:  Hey!  It's YOUR turn!

Husband:  Zz-zz (faking sleep) zz-zz

The child is now very loud (often screaming "Mommy!")

Wife:  Seriously?!  FINE !!!

The wife now gets out of bed with exaggerated movements aimed at waking the husband up, but to no avail for he is a very "deep sleeper" ... or just very good at faking it!  She pounds her feet on the floor with every step as she heads to the bedroom to "rescue" the needy child ... who, as luck often has it, has already fallen back asleep!

You may have to change the roles (for sometimes it is indeed the wife who "sleeps heavy" and the husband who makes what becomes an unneccesary trip to the kid's room) ... but you are probably lying if you say this hasn't happened to you.

Well ... in my house, I am the "heavy sleeper" and my sweet wife is the "angry mom" who virtually always gets out of bed to deal with help the needy children.  I am so thankful that she almost always forgets the fact that she must be angry with me at least a little bit by the time the morning rolls around.  I am also thankful that until this very blog post I have been able to retain my secret ability to be a "deep sleeper" ... but I figured it was time to fess up ... my sweet Pretty Lady, sometimes (not all that often mind you) I am awake enough to hear the kids ask for you ... but I am very good at laying perfectly still!  Plus, they didn't shout "Daddy!" so I think a jury would back me up on not moving!  :)

I love you Karen!



  1. You are in SO MUCH trouble!!! :) Oh! That one just hollered "DA-DA"!!!

  2. Yep, you got busted Josh!! But at least you admitted this to your wife and I know that Karen will be fair and understanding...maybe.