Friday, February 25, 2011

What's a "Single Dad" to do ?

Let me clarify right up front ...
I am NOT a "single dad"
... except for just tonight.

My wife Karen has been dealing with all sorts of different health "issues" (although I don't think that is the right word for it because they are more like little annoyances than anything serious ... we hope!)

Tonight, she is at a medical center to participate in a sleep study, where hopefully the "staff" (I'd say "Doctor" but I have no idea if you are required to be a full fledged Dr to judge someone while they are sleeping) can determine why Karen always wakes up exhausted.  Sure, sure, some of you regular readers of my blog are going to say "Well if YOU would get up with the baby or crying child once in a while then maybe she wouldn't be so tired!" which is possibly true ... but in my defense, we have actually tried that a few times and it doesn't really seem to help much.  Even with a few days in a row of consistent rest for my beautiful bride.

Anyway ... tonight (and tonight only!) I am a "single dad" with 5 kids to take care of.  Yes, those of you who are keeping track at home astutely noticed that I said 5 kids instead of the SIX children that Karen and I have.  The answer to this riddle?  Josh Jr is sleeping over at a friend's house tonight, which is cool for him but also a shame because I was going to let him stay up late and play games with me, etc.  Oh well ... I probably need more sleep anyway.

So what does a single dad do with all this free time?  Hang out with the kids of course!  We watched a few episodes of Hannah Montana (Season 1, as if you care for that level of detail).  I brought marshmallows down to the movie room for a "movie treat."  I can't call it a "snack" or Ben wouldn't have gotten any since he lost snack for the rest of the week with a poor dinner-related decision on Wednesday night.

It was a blast!

After the "big" marshmallows were gone (there were only about four), I started tossing the mini-marshmallows at the kids at random intervals.  This turned into a huge game where each child would shout "I'm Open!" and I'd proceed to try to get a mini-marshmallow in their mouth.  Ben caught the first one actually in his mouth, so I had to work hard to make sure all the other kids caught one too.  No Karen, I did not do that to MyraWhat kind of dad do you think I am?!  I just set hers in front of her.  Hee hee.  :)  I did have to "cheat" a little with Catalina and Savannah because they are so small, and as yet too uncoordinated for marshmallow-mouth-catching ... I just tossed a handful at a time and eventually one of the many would land in their mouth.  Go ahead and call me a genius ... you can add humble to it too!

Savannah Joy (7) all ready for bed!  :)

So now the kids are all asleep in the movie room (Myra's in her own bed Karen, please stop freaking out!) and I am blogging ... then off to bed.  I suppose this is okay for one night ... but I definitely do not want this to be any sort of regular occurrence.  I want my wife back and the kids want their mommy!  :)


  1. :) Sounds like you guys had a great night. Sorry I missed out on all the fun!

  2. I truly love reading about your parenting adventures!! You are Karen are such awesome parents!!! Love you guys!