Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where are we going Daddy ?

Tonight I took my two sons and oldest daughter to the
BYU vs. Air Force men's basketball game at Clune Arena.

Me, Ben, Josh Jr, and Brooklyn
@ the BYU vs AFA game tonight

(Jimmer Fredette in the background warming up)

It was a great chance to see the #7 ranked team in the country, with the almost guaranteed POY (player of the year) Jimmer Fredette running the team during his senior year.  This is also probably the last time BYU will play here in Colorado Springs for many years as they will be leaving the MWC (Mountain West Conference) for the WCC (West Coast Conference) next year for all sports except football (they will be an "Independent" team in that sport).

I am pretty sure all three kids enjoyed the experience,
but for different reasons.

Josh Jr, 11, is definitely old enough to know what is going on with BYU's great season this year and all the attention that Jimmer is getting as the likely POY.  I think he is the one that enjoyed the game the most similary to why I enjoyed it ... great basketball, from a team I root for, with good seats to watch and yell and cheer in person.

Ben, 9, enjoyed the opportunity to ask millions of questions.  I am not exaggerating.  I counted.  He is so inquisitive and I have recently become more aware that I should fan that flame of curiousity because it is always a good idea to seek more education when you can get it.  I spent MOST of the game explaining things to him, instead of just watching the up and down on the court.  This actually made it even more enjoyable for me ... and I think for him too.

Brooklyn, 7, is flat-out NOT interested in basketball.  But she loved watching the cheerleaders and did ask several questions about them.  Thank goodness her Aunt Erin was there to help answer them because I had very little to say other than  an encouraging "You can do that when you're older if you want to" rhetoric.  She enjoyed being included in the "older kids" group, which doesn't happen often.  She usually just gets to do whatever the "girls" are doing and so this was her chance to be a BIG kid!

BYU trounced Air Force (90 to 52 was the final score).  BYU scored 54 points in the second half, which was very fun to lose my voice during while cheering on some amazing plays.

But the night was more about my oldest kids and the super-cool experience it was to share this with them.  Dinner at Arby's beforehand was a blast as well and I hope we can do something similar again very soon!  Thanks for enjoying this with me Josh Jr, Ben, and Brooklyn!  I love you all so much!


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  1. This makes me think of when Dad took me to a BYU football game when I was probably Brooklyn's age... good memory for me and a good memory for your kids to have! You are a good dad with some awesome kids!