Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ever seen these DE-Motivational posters ?

Some time ago I came across these de-motivational postcards.  I cannot remember when or how I first saw them, but I was taken back so much that I had to get one for myself.

The one I saw was this one,
a copy of which is now posted at my desk:

Which made me laugh the most because one of my peers at work has almost the exact same postcard, except hers is intended to be motivational.  The contrast made me laugh even more because unless you read the saying below the big bold-lettered word, you'd never know it was a put-down instead of something inspirational.

So here are a few of my favorites.  I hope no one is offended, but if you are ... I'm sorry!  They still make me chuckle and you can just go ahead and think less of me for it.

And last but certainly not least ...



  1. That last one nearly made me spit out my drink... LOVE it!! Also, the one about happiness... that's going to be my motto!! :P

  2. I laughed so hard I nearly threw up! These were sooo awesome, especially the one about LEADERS! Now I want to go searching for more of these!

  3. So when I started to sign in there were no comments. By the time I started typing there were two. Josh we're all reading your blog at the same time, lol. I enjoy your posts ( and Karen's, Jaimee's etc) but I think the blogging poster is hilarious.