Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What is this "Cold Day" all about ?

When I was growing up, some in Rigby, ID but mostly in Greeley, CO, we had SNOW DAYS.  I almost hesitated to pluralize that because I am thinking it was probably less than a dozen my whole scholastic career (up until college here in Colorado Springs that is!)

Today, my children did not have school because ...
it was too COLD !

Now I'll be the first to admit that sub-zero temperatures are no joke.  I understand the fear of frostbite, etc.  But really?!  No school because it's too cold?!  What about sunburns in May?!  Why not no school because it's too HOT?!  Kids can get dehydrated walking to school with a heavy backpack and no water bottle just as easily as they can catch frostbite or pneumonia in the winter, right?!

Okay ... maybe not.  But I still think my kids have no idea how "lucky" they are to get a free pass simply because of the temperature.  They get an inordinate amount of snow days already ... now we have to start adding the wind chill factor to the equation?!

You'd think with childhood obesity on the rise, most leaders would recognize that the kids are already well-insulated against the elements.  Throw a scarf around the neck and face (leaving some eye holes), toss some boots on and maybe two pairs of socks and gloves.  Toughen up little ones!

Oooh ... I just stepped out in the garage to put something in the car for work tomorrow ...
it's like super-cold.

No one should have to be out in this kind of weather.  Brrrr ... :)


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  1. School closed on account of a COLD DAY?! Really?! How bizarre! And yet, I am very relieved to know that my precious nephews and nieces didn't have to be out in such freezing conditions! Stay warm!