Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do You See a Resemblance ?

Tonight as a family we watched "The Love Bug."  This has always been a classic, cute Disney movie and my kids had never seen it.

While watching the movie we saw Buddy Hackett's character (Tennessee Steinmetz) and I immediately saw a resemblance to one of my favorite kids in the whole world (besides my own, of course!)

Buddy Hackett
as "Tennessee Steinmetz"

Matthew as ... himself
(not the picture I was hoping for)
 So I need your comments of agreement or disagreement ... does my "little buddy" Matthew look strikingly similar to "Tennessee Steinmetz" or am I just seeing things ?!

Either way, these are two of my favorite "characters" as each one makes me smile, laugh, and in general just have a much better outlook on life!



  1. I can definitely see the resemblance! That's really cool! I love "The Love Bug" and good ol' Herbie!