Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have you ever been rescued ?

I was rescued twice today.  Once by a good friend of mine from work.  Once by my awesome older brother.

After a mostly typical day at work (only a few scheduled meetings but by the end of the day I'd done ALOT of them), I headed to my car.  I was running a little late for scouts, but even with the slick roads I figured I could make it there safely.  As I approached my car (while on the phone with my wife) I realized this was NOT going to be possible.

I had a flat tire.

For future reference, the high temperature today was in the single digits, with a wind chill pretty much keeping it at or below zero for virtually the whole day.  There was NO WAY that I was going to replace my flat tire with a donut tire in that weather.

"Sheriff" Ryan
 So I headed inside and called my parent's house.  My mom quickly said she'd come and get me (thanks so much Mom!  you're ALWAYS there for me!)  Editor's Note:  Karen would have come and gotten me but I knew she had to take Ben and the other kids to the church for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet, so I told her that I'd find another way home.  I headed back to the side of the building where my car was to wait.  I hadn't been sitting for three minutes when Ryan (a good friend of mine who used to be on my team at work ... the whole team wishes he still was) came strolling by.  He was headed home and just kinda said "Hey!  How's it goin'?"  When I replied with an "Oh, it's okay I guess" he immediately recognized something wasn't right and asked what was up.  I explained that I was waiting for my mom to come give me a ride home because I had a flat tire.  He immediately offered me a ride home.  I know this seems like a simple thing, but it meant so much to me!  The timing and his genuine concern for me getting home was just a blessing (if only because I could call my mom back and not make her drive in the crazy cold weather).  I felt better when I remembered that the church Ryan would be dropping me off at was literally right on the way to his new house.  Thanks again Ryan for being in the right place, at the right time, AND for being a great friend in helping me get to my destination safely!  I know my mom and my wife are grateful too!

My big bro Jeremy chillin' @ his desk!
 My older brother Jeremy then saved me in advance of tomorrow by offering for me to borrow his car since he doesn't need it to get to work.  He has an appointment to go to, but quickly said that he would just borrow my mom's car so that I could take his.  This is NOT the first time he has jumped in to save me when I've been in need of transportation.  When I was in a car accident last year he quickly lent me his car for like three weeks!  It was so thoughtful and selfless of him!  I think I still owe him an oil change (but I checked and his car isn't due for one for a while).  Thank you so much Jeremy!  I know we could have figured things out without needing your wheels, but you're helping me to ensure Karen has a car here tomorrow if she does need to go anywhere.  That alone (especially based on the weather) is so amazing that I can't thank you enough!

I love that in this crazy world we live in, where people are getting my selfish and lazy every day, there are still so many great people out there who really do live by the Golden Rule.  These two amazing men saw me lying on the side of the road (metaphorically speaking anyway) and did NOT pass me by.  They helped me up, gave me of their sustenance and made sure I was looked after for more than just the immediate timeframe.  I feel so blessed and grateful!


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  1. Wow! I am genuinely touched and moved by your kind words about me! I was glad I could help and I'd do it again in an instant! You treated my car with such respect last time that I had no concerns about you borrowing her again! Thank you for being so appreciative and grateful! I'm truly blessed to have you as a brother too!