Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's for lunch on Sundays?

Once again I am not sure exactly how long we have had this tradition on the Josh and Karen Case family, but Sunday lunch has long been the same thing (with slight variations over the years).

The following criteria are essential:
 - Daddy (me) does the cooking.
 - It is something made on the Griddle (Daddy's favorite cooking machine!)
 - It is yummy!
 - At least one kid wishes it was something different

Half-cooked (one side done)
mini chocolate chip pancakes
The main menu item has been chocolate chip pancakes.  I used to make them in different shapes (Mickey Mouse, turtles, first letter of each kid's name, etc.) but that got too difficult once we had more than 2 kids needing "special" pancakes.  We also used to use regular sized chocolate chips, but that always felt like way too much chocolate!  I know there are some readers out there who will think there is no such thing as TOO MUCH chocolate!  Trust me, there is.  So we switched some years back to the mini chocolate chips, and I think they work much better ... but they do take more time to "load" into the pancakes.

Other menu items over the years have included the following:
 - Pan-wiches (think McGriddles and you'll have the idea)
 - Egg Burrittos (basically omelettes with lots of cheese)
 - Cinnamon & Sugar pancakes (Karen loves the way I crystallize the sugar on one side of these)
 - Scrambled eggs ... and fried eggs (both swimming in cheese!)

I actually really enjoy making lunch almost every Sunday and especially enjoy mixing things up so that there is something that everyone loves at least every other week.  On really generous days I'll make almost anything you want (from the list above) ... so stop on by sometime and put your order in.  :)



  1. Wow! That all sounds delicious! Put me down for those chocolate chip pancakes!

  2. My kids still talk about Uncle Josh's yummy 'cakes' :)