Sunday, February 27, 2011

I lost by one ?!

Tonight was my brother Jeremy's 234th Annual (hee hee) Oscar's party @ my parent's house.  While I am not sad about why we missed the festivities, I am disappointed that we couldn't be there because it is always THE BEST fun we have every year around this time!

I'm typing this on a laptop (thanks Grandpa Don for the loaner!) so it's going to be short ... but we always have a competition to pick the winners of all the awards with a small "buy in" if you want to make it interesting.  Every year I fill out a ballot and make a "donation" to whoever ends up winning ... because it is NEVER me!

This year, I decided to actually listen to some of the millions of comments out there about who is predicted to win ... and boy did it help!  Up until the last few awards I was actually winning this crazy thing!  Eventually the Best Director award did me in (because I didn't think a first year nominee would win, but I should have remembered that my wise brother Jeremy has recited time and again that Director and Picture almost always go together).

Huge props to my little sister Jaimee for her victory!  Thanks Jeremy for letting us play (from a distance)!

Good night!


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  1. Josh, I am very proud of how well you did tonight! You totally whipped me this year (I got 16 out of 24 correct), and I'm supposed to be the OSCAR EXPERT! I bow to you! Wish you and Karen and the kids could have been here! Hope you are having fun, though!