Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrating Engagement Day on Valentine's Day ?

My beautiful wife Karen and I got engaged the day after Valentine's Day (this was because her flight back from Europe got in that day).

So for pretty much every year since we got married we have celebrated Engagement Day ... on February 15th.  This works out great most years because Karen gets lots of choclates, flowers, etc. (because I can afford more after the "holiday" rush) but we also never have a hard time going out to eat ... because, think about it, pretty much everyone else went out to eat the day before ... so we can get in at virtually any restaurant with no problems.

But this year Valentine's Day falls on a Monday, which also happens to be my normal day off duringt he week.  Add to that the fact that I have a busy day at work tomorrow, so I could not take the day off, and we had to do something we never, EVER have in our married life together ... celebrate our love for each other ON Valentine's Day.

I'll write more another time about Engagement Days from years past, but it is late and I think we're both tired from a long, fun day together.

I love you Karen!

Happy early Engagement Day!


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  1. Very weird to celebrate today! Thanks for a great day! Love you Most!