Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you a Night Owl ?

I am proud to be one!

I am equally glad that (for the most part) my wife is a night owl too!

We had a friend (Amy) and her five children over this evening for dinner and some games.  That's right for those of you keeping track at home ... 11 children, none of them over the age of 12 ... and just 3 adults.  Even though they live literally just down the street, we haven't had them over ever before.  Her husband is on assignment in Japan right now (say "Hi" Kevin!) and we've been meaning to set up a game night, get together for a while now.

Anyway, after dinner the younger kids played some Wii and the really younger kids played down in the movie room.  The adults and older kids played two rounds of Sequence (both won by the dominating and completely stacked team of Josh Jr and his mom!)  Amy then took her kids home for showers, bedtime routine, etc. and then came back so we three adults could play some more games.  It was great fun (even though I'm still feeling pretty yucky sick).  We taught her Munchkin (the original card game version) and after letting me win the first round, she slaughtered us with the Divine Intervention card!  Nice win Amy !!!  :)

While talking and chatting as we cleaned up the games, Amy mentioned how nice it must be that Karen and I are both "night owls" because usually in marriages it is only one partner who is a night owl, while the other is usually an early bird.

And I have to agree ... I think it is a perfect match that Karen and I are both night owls!  I know that Karen is not as good at staying up later as she used to be, but that's because she is such an awesome mom and gets up with at least one kid pretty much every single night (between 2:00am and 4:30am usually!)

I am so glad to have my best friend and wife enjoy being up later at night ... if only because then I don't have to become an early bird just to spend time with her!  :)


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