Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is That In The Job Description ?

A friend of my niece, Brittany, was involved in a car accident this morning (on the way to driving my niece and herself to a final AP exam for their high school english class).  The friend is okay.  The other driver was at fault.  The car(s) involved will need some repairs, but all in all things will be just fine.

I had gone to pick up my niece and take her to the AP exam, but she was able to reschedule a make-up test.  So instead I just sat there and waited to give her and her friend a ride to our place to wait until they could return to their homes.

Anyway ... as all the paperwork was being filled out, my niece and I sat there wondering who was responsible for cleaning up the debris in the road?  Broken headlights and plastic bumper pieces were scattered through the intersection where the accident occurred.  And it occurred to us that we had no idea how that debris always seemed to be taken care of.

And then we saw this ...

I guess that answers that question.  Who knew that the Police Officer on scene would have a broom in his car?  Who knew that he would be specially trained to clear the street of remnant car parts?  And then I started wondering, is that in the job description for them?

"To serve and protect ... and clean up city streets after accidents."

Regardless, I think this Officer did a fine job, even if it might be one of his least favorite responsibilities.

Song Of The Day:
Whether you love the song or hated it because it got played so much on the radio, "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol is certainly memorable.  I also think it's applicable to this post, even if the police don't just chase cars all the time.


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