Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wouldn't It Be Great If We Could Actually Say These Things ?

Although many people may not know their name, I am certain almost everyone is familiar with the "Happy Bunny" quotes that are on everything from pins to bumper stickers to t-shirts and hats.  The concept is that this picture of a happy-looking little cartoon bunny is paired with a rude, sarcastic, vulgar, or perhaps just plain mean quote.

Today at work, one of my peers showed me a box of pins she had, each with a happy bunny quote imprinted on them.  She offered for me to keep any that I really liked, so I chose 3 or 4 that really made me laugh.  Here are two of those, which are my inspiration for this post:

I got to thinking ... I appreciate honesty in people around me; like, if I have something in my teeth please just tell me.  And then I thought ... how nice would it be if we could actually say some of these happy bunny sayings to people we interact with?  Of course we can do that, but I mean without all the anticipated negative consequences?  You just say it and they accept it.  No questions or unnecessary emotions.  It's just truth that automatically resonates with them ... and then you can have an actual conversation with them that leads somewhere.

I especially wish this was the case with the "it worries me how dumb you are" quote.  Sadly, I can count at least five times in the last two weeks when I wished I could point this out to people I have had conversations with.  I really don't think they are aware how "dumb" (illogical or nonsensical would be a more politically correct term) they are being.  And maybe if they were able to see that, they could move on and have a better life.

Song Of The Day:
The real difference between children and adults is that kids truly just say what they are thinking, without reservations.  We seem to be okay with this as adults, openly accepting the truth that has just been spoken to us from these little ones.  I wish we could do that as adults.
Instead we have to ask ourselves "What Would You Say?" and consider the repercussions of those words.  Too bad.  This song from Dave Matthews Band was what got me into their music in the first place.


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