Wednesday, May 22, 2013

But, But, But ... Wait, What ?!

My niece and her boyfriend Michael
My niece graduated from high school today, which made me feel super old!  Congrats Brittany for being in the Top 5% of your class!

The main reason I felt so old is this ... during the graduation ceremony, I was trying to keep my youngest daughter Myra (almost 3) quiet and sitting still.  Brittany was younger than this when I first met her!  And it feels like just yesterday that I was tickling and teasing my cute little niece, listening to her funny mispronunciations of words and watching her act absolutely crazy, just to make us 'big people' laugh.

Now I've got a daughter who is doing those same things!  (This doesn't even account for the other three older daughters I have who have already gone through that stage).

So here's a cute little experience I had on the drive home from the graduation with my 'little Brittany' a.k.a. Myra:
Myra grumbles disapproval of something from the back seat ... "Ahh!  UHHH!"
     I ask "What's wrong?"
Myra says "Dere an ant in heeya."
     I explain "No there's not.  You'll be fine.  Stay strapped in please."  Thinking 'there's no way ONE ant is in my car!  Silly little girl.'
A little time passes, when I hear Myra complain "Dere it is again.  I don't yike dat ant daddy.  Why you have dat ant in heeya."
     I make up a little story and say that he is my pet ant and he's really nice, all the while thinking 'There's no ant you silly girl!  What an imagination!"
     Ten minutes later I hear Myra begin to shriek.  I look back in time to see her legs and feet shoot way up in the air and a look of terror shoot across her face.
     I pull the car over and turn around to help her ... and sure enough there is a HUGE ant crawling very quickly across the seat toward her.
     So I told her to calm down and then I squished the ant with my thumb.  She still won't put her feet down until I have wiped his ant carcass completely off the seat.  She seems satisfied and calm, so I turn around and begin driving again.
"Daddy.  Why you 'quish dat ant?  Dat was my favit ant and now he gone.  You 'quish him an' now I gon' haftoo fin' anudda ant.  You made me sad daddy.  I yoved dat ant an' now he dead 'cause you 'quish him.  Dat was NOT nice daddy!  Him was a good ant.  A nice ant."

Aaargh!  You make no sense ... but I sure love you!  :)

Song Of The Day:
I know I just barely used a Dave Matthews Band song, but
"Ants Marching" is just too perfect for this blog post
since it was Myra's 'favit ant dat got 'quished.'  :)


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