Thursday, May 2, 2013

How Do I Love Thee ?

Today I celebrate 15 wonderful years of marriage with my sweetheart, Karen!

Our lives have changed so much in the decade and a half that we've been together, most of which has been change for the better.  Our family has expanded (and expanded and expanded) ... perhaps blossomed would sound better because it's not like we're fatties or anything ... to include 7 awesome kiddos.  We have moved through three different homes, and one just the right size for the time basement apartment.  Our sports cars (my old Trans Am) have been swapped out for mini-vans (and one BIG van).

But the biggest change has been our "us" time.

Karen and I strive diligently to find time for "us" but this gets more and more challenging as the kids grow older and we have more responsibilities placed on us as individuals.  Today was an appropriate example of the sacrifice that naturally comes to "us" time as the years progress on.

One of our daughters had her school program rescheduled for today, so we spent part of our afternoon watching her sing songs and say her part for the play.
Our oldest son also had his final band performance of the year scheduled for this evening, so we enjoyed two hours of middle-school music as our evening appetizer.

And my awesome wife didn't complain about either unromantic activity.  She may have lamented the timing of these events, but she found a way to be happy about how our "us" time often includes children nowadays.

And that's just one of many ways that I love her more now than I did before.  Love definitely grows over time and I can see that happening in our relationship ... which is pretty cool.  As circumstances change you can find yourself with a different person than you think you started out with, but that's just another side of the same person that you get to love and appreciate.

Thanks for coming with me on this incredible journey Pretty Lady!  I love you so very much!  :)

Song(s) Of The Day:
No need for explanation on these songs for today.  Just a handful of them that I love and want to share because they remind me of my wonderful wife!
"For You" by Michael W Smith
"Then" by Brad Paisley


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